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Geering Up is grateful for the financial and in-kind support of all of its funders, sponsors and donors from both private and public sectors. We are searching for partners who understand the value of diversity in STEM and wish to work together to bring STEM engagement opportunities to BC youth. Please contact us for more details. Our sponsorship package can be found here.


2018 Direct Sponsorship Opportunities

Some of our strongest programs have seeded from partners taking a project under their wing. We’ve provided below a list of projects on our radar that are ‘up for adoption’. These highlight areas we see as ripe for future growth and high in potential impact. We would love to talk with you further about ‘adopting a program’ and helping us bring life-changing programming to a community near you.

Partners receive exclusive benefits, your name and logo will be displayed on the specific initiative’s branding including event webpages and t-shirts. You will be featured in our newsletters and local press releases, as well as on social media posts. Any employees involved at the event will also appear on our summer Youtube video series!

$120 provides a Metro-Vancouver classroom of at-need with a free science workshop. These classrooms are chosen by local school boards. Two university student instructors attend the class with hands-on programming, bringing all the materials and equipment needed to deliver a high-end science lesson. Workshop topics are chosen by the teacher to complement their classroom’s needs.

How much: $120 per workshop. Demand for up to 100 workshops.

Rural BC communities benefit the most from additional STEM programming. But these are also the most expensive communities for us to operate in. Geering Up relies on the support of partners like you to reach communities outside the lower mainland. In 2016, Geering Up brought outreach camps and workshops to seven Aboriginal communities. A highlight was our visit to the Tsay Keh Dene and Kwadacha Nations. We are proud to provide a custom curriculum at each Aboriginal community, ensuring our content is tied to local history, geography, and programming.

In a one week program, a team of four university students visit a BC community and visit each class in a school and lead hands-on design challenges and experiments. We bring all the materials and supplies. Whether they are building rockets, reconstructing dinosaurs, or programming a game, kids at our outreach workshops learn that they each have what it takes to excel in STEM.

How much: $5,000 per week of workshops, $3350 for two students and a chaperone to visit UBC camps

In order to stay up-to-date in our tech education, we need to be making constant investments in the equipment we have available in the classroom. This year we are Geering Up looking to incorporate digital fabrication, more commonly known as 3D printing, into the programming on the Vancouver campus. We have a goal of purchasing ten 3d printers this summer and investing in a second set of outreach laptops for our increasing number of road trips. Imagine having your name engraved on a laptop that travels the province teaching youth!

How much: $1500 for a 3D Printer, $5500 for a set of outreach laptops

In 2015, Geering Up expanded in a big way by offering camps at UBC’s Okanagan Campus. The program has grown every year, seeing a 45% increase in the number of registered campers between the summers of 2015 and 2016. The program reached 279 Aboriginal youth through its workshops in 2016. Geering Up Okanagan hopes to launch its very own outreach program in 2017, and continue providing free workshops to inner city schools of Kelowna.

How much: $120 per workshop, $2700 per outreach camp

We strive to move youth from being consumers of technology to being producers of technology because we believe that giving them the tools needed to perform in a digital world will be key to their success in the future.

Geering Up delivered computer science content to over 3,000 youth in the lower mainland last year. We have a sustainable model for delivering local CS programming but the demand for content in rural communities is still unmet.  The high operating costs associated with these remote programs limit Geering Up’s reach. Primary costs are flights, vehicle rentals, and accommodations. Geering Up would like to systematically eliminate these costs by making an investment into a travelling CodeCar and travel equipment. This would allow our team of Instructors to drive to rural schools, deliver a day of content and then drive to their next location. It will also enable us to travel with more laptops and tech equipment then ever before. With these travel expenses reduced, current funding streams will be leveraged towards reaching more youth. Rural and Aboriginal communities would be the focus of our expanded reach with visits booked at schools, libraries, and community centres.

Geering Up is ready to hit the road at a new scale, but we need your help jump-starting the trip.

How much: $50,000

We believe that high school (HS) youth need support in discovering the opportunities available to them in STEM fields. In our HS programming we re-affirm STEM as a hands-on, creative, diverse, and welcoming field that any youth who is committed can succeed in.

In 2016, Geering Up reached 1,000 high school students. We have the ambitious goal of tripling our reach in 2017 to a total of 3,500 high school students. We could achieve this if we moved to a new format for delivering HS workshops but we need start-up funding to get the program off the ground.  With funding, we would hire a dedicated team would run HS Workshops, Pro-D day events, and Engineering Explorations events for HS girls. We are piloting this project in February-April 2017, but if additional funding is secured, Geering Up would like to make this a permanent addition to our programming and bring the program to classrooms across BC.

How much: $30,000

Geering Up aspires to reach as many youth in BC as possible. We wish to launch “STEM Kits” as a way to bring the magic of science and engineering to remote schools our instructors would not be able to visit otherwise. Geering Up staff will design activities, pack supplies, and mail them to teacher who will run the workshop in their own classrooms. This will expose students and teachers in distant classroom to hands-on STEM activities.

How much: $100 per classroom set

In June 2016, Geering Up hosted our first ever makeathon, an integration of an extended design challenge and a traditional hackathon. Teams are introduced to entry-level computer science through a workshop and an engineering design challenge where they are constantly building their skills with the help of industry and student mentors. Geering Up plans to expand the Vancouver event to 100 high school girls and host a pilot event in Kelowna. The makeathon is the event for companies looking for a high involvement with an initiative and to work with Geering Up to bring STEM to more high school girls in BC.

How much: $8,000 for Vancouver; $5,000 for Kelowna


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