What are Outreach camps all about?

During the summer months, Geering Up can run week-long science and engineering day camps in your community. Our camps run from 9:00 – 3:00 pm, with two instructors for a maximum of 25 campers. These camps can range in age from K-7, K-4 or Gr. 5-7. Fill out the outreach request form if you would like us to visit.


Have more questions?
You can reach us at or 604-655-2634.


What types of activities do we run?


We run a range of activities that all involve STEM. Each day will have a variety of activities that include design challenges, take-home projects, science demos, and team activities.
Marble Movers
This design challenge provides students with a chance to get creative! Students will create a device that will move a marble across the room.
Students will combine the art of computer code with orienteering in this fun activity designed to get their brains working. Using compasses and simple instructions they will direct another group to hidden s’more ingredients.
Bacteria Growth
Students will act as biologists and see what grows on their petri dish over the week period. They will have the opportunity to compare dirty hands to clean hands and swab an object of their own choice as well.
Circuit Bugs
Students will learn the components of a basic circuit, and build their very own bug with light-up eyes!