Mailing List Sign-Up


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Which mailing lists can you sign up for?

Geering Up offers four different mailing lists. When signing up, choose the option(s) corresponding to the programs you would like to receive updates about.

Youth Programs

Our Youth Programs mailing list provides updates about the various events and programs being run for youth by Geering Up. This includes updates on our Summer Camps, Saturday Morning Clubs, Local Events, and much more!

Indigenous Rural Outreach

Our Indigenous and Rural Outreach mailing list is the go-to place for updates regarding our programs happening outside of the Lower Mainland and Kelowna. This includes any programs we offer alongside rural or Indigenous communities.


Our Teachers mailing list is the list of choice for any educators interested in hearing about our professional development programs, school workshops, and teaching resources!

Involvement (Jobs, Volunteering, and Mentoring)

Our Involvement mailing list is for those who want to be part of the Geering Up team. This mailing list sports updates for anyone interested in joining Geering Up as a volunteer, looking for a staff position at Geering Up, or wanting to be a guest mentor for our programs!

What if I want more specific updates?

If you would like more specific updates from our mailing list (i.e. location-specific programming etc.) or would like to update your preferences, check the bottom of any email sent with this mailing list and select ‘Update Preferences’. From there, you will arrive at a form where you can update your preferences and select more specific content.