Request a Pro-D Workshop


Geering Up offers FREE Pro-D workshops to help you incorporate STEM activities in your classroom! Workshops run for 1.5 – 2 hours and are offered to educators across British Columbia. Pro-D workshops will be offered in-person or virtually this year. We can present the workshop to your group after school, during the school day, on a Pro-D day, or join your organization at a conference.

Fees, Restrictions, and Requirements

There is no fee for the workshops. All materials required for the workshops will be easily accessible items you likely already have in your classrooms/homes.
Each workshop is offered for up to 50 participants and we require you to have a minimum of 10 attendees for the workshop to run. Attendees will need their own devices, with internet connection, to participate in the workshop.



Coding is becoming an increasingly essential skill to have and understand. Coding teaches computational thinking, problem solving, operationalization, logic, creativity, digital literacy, and confidence. However, teaching coding can be challenging when you may have limited access to computers and technology. In this workshop, we’ll explore and test out several “unplugged” activities that teach computational thinking and coding.

Explore core coding principles with visual programming in Scratch. This workshop will introduce you to how the basics of Scratch - a drag-and-drop programming language. Students can use Scratch to program interactive stores, games and animations. In this workshop, we'll introduce you to the blocks in Scratch and you'll make your very first program! Please note this is an introductory workshop for those with no or minimal experience using Scratch.

AI is a significant emerging technology for youth & society. Learning about AI supports thinking critically about our interaction with AI, supports learning how to contribute to AI in society, and supports learning how to leverage AI to face global challenges. In this workshop, we will cover the basic principles of artificial intelligence and try out some hands-on AI activities - you will even get to create your very own AI program using Scratch.

In this workshop, you'll learn about the design and science of sound. By the end, you'll come away with your very own musical instrument!

Engineering is a broad field that presents many opportunities for creative problem solving and hands-on learning. The engineering design cycle is a framework for thinking that can be broadly applied across all subjects and connects well to the Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies curriculum. In this workshop, you’ll act as engineers and participate in a hands-on STEM lesson, while utilizing the engineering design cycle.  You will come up with possible solutions to help eliminate barriers for a student in a wheelchair.

With climate change, designing sustainable buildings is going to increase in importance. In this workshop, you'll use TinkerCAD - an easy browser-based 3D design tool - to create a model of a sustainable school.

3D Printing and 3D Modelling are being used across industries and becoming increasingly used in schools. In this introductory workshop, you'll become familiar with TinkerCAD, an easy browser-based 3D design and modeling tool. Please note that your school does not require a 3D printer to make use of the activities in this workshop.

Video games are the world's largest entertainment industry and are still growing in popularity. They also make excellent educational tools, providing students with an interactive environment in which to experiment, play, compete, and learn. In this workshop you will be taken through the process of creating your own simple video game.