All-Girls* Events

COVID-19 Notes: The health and safety of our participants, staff, and of everyone in our community is a top priority here at Geering Up. We are continuing to follow the BC Centre for Disease Control and UBC’s Covid-19 safety guidelines and we will notify you in case of any updates impacting these events.

All-Girls* Events are exciting opportunities for girls across BC to explore how they can use their creativity to help the world. Attendees will learn about engineering design and will enjoy fun, hands-on activities led by current university students and meet inspiring mentors. Connect with other like-minded students and talk to current engineering students and professionals who will share their stories and experience.

  • Events Run from October 2021 – March 2022
    See the Events Schedule below for specific dates
  • Morning Sessions: 10AM – 3PM
    Afternoon Sessions: 4:30PM – 6:30PM
  • UBC Vancouver Campus or Online
    See the Events Schedule below for specific locations
  • Cost:
    All Events are FREE


*If you have a boy that is interested in similar programming, we highly encourage you to explore Geering Up and UBC Engineering events. As well, please be aware that we have an inclusive view of the word “girl” and we welcome trans*, genderqueer and non-binary folks interested in these workshops.



Date & TimeEvent DetailsThemeRegistration StatusLocation
October 16, 2021
10AM - 3PM
Girls in Grade 12Sustainability for our FutureRegistration Now OpenUBC Vancouver
October 21, 2021
4:30PM - 6:30PM
Girls in Grade 11-12Sustainability for our Future (Online)Registration Now OpenOnline
November 6, 2021
10AM - 3PM
Girls in Grade 9Technology Today: Driving Solutions in our Modern WorldRegistration Now OpenUBC Vancouver
January 22, 2022
10AM - 3PM
Girls in Grade 11Innovative Engineering: The World of Biomedical TechnologiesRegistration Now OpenMoved Online
February 5, 2022
10AM - 3PM
Girls in Grade 10Engineering into the UniverseRegistration Now OpenMoved Online
February 24, 2022
4:30PM - 6:30PM
Girls in Grade 8-10Engineering into the Universe (Online)Registration Now OpenOnline
March 5, 2022
10AM - 3PM
Girls in Grade 8Invitation to CreateRegistration Now OpenUBC Vancouver


Sustainability for our Future

Do you want to learn more about how we can create a sustainable future on a large scale? Everyday, sustainability becomes more and more important. Learn how modern day engineers are incorporating sustainability principles into the world of engineering to work towards creating a sustainable future.

Through discussions, research, and the use of the engineering design cycle this event will bring us together so we can ideate new solutions that have the potential to directly impact future generations.

This event is offered in cooperation with ONWiE.

GRADE LEVELS: Grades 11-12
There are both online and in person offerings for this event (similar content on both). Please refer to the schedule above.

Technology Today: Driving Solutions in our Modern World

Modern problems require modern solutions. As technology continues to evolve in our daily lives, we are able to leverage new technologies for new applications to help solve big problems. In this event, explore the exciting worlds of Modern Technology and Quantum Computing and learn how they are helping to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Taught by current university students, this event will provide a hands-on learning experience where participants will get to ideate, design and create some amazing projects using technology


Innovative Engineering: The World of Biomedical Technologies

Biomedical technologies are driving the future of medicine. Are you interested in learning how we can apply engineering design concepts to biological and medical purposes? Through experimentation, ideation and creation, this event will explore genome editing techniques, various functions of our cells and human centred design. We will research, design and build as we learn more about the technologies that will shape the future of healthcare.


Engineering into the Universe

Did you know that space is 100 vertical Kilometers away from the surface of the Earth? What does it take to engineer devices that will travel those 100 kilometers and beyond? Well get ready to blast off into the unknown and discover the science and engineering behind some of the most innovative technology in space. By combining your creativity and design skills, you can ideate and design your own versions of the innovative engineering that is helping us explore the universe and expand our knowledge.

GRADE LEVELS: Grade 8-10
There are both online and in person offerings for this event (similar content on both). Please refer to the schedule above.

Invitation to Create

Problem solving is a key aspect of engineering. With each problem that is discovered, there is a greater need to create using inventive shapes, materials and ideas. Join us for this event as we investigate existing engineering problems and use our creativity and design skills to find innovative and unique ways to solve them. Using the engineering design cycle, we will build and test awesome projects that help us explore the strength of different shapes and materials.