Vancouver/Richmond In-Person Saturday Clubs

Saturday Clubs are weekly meetings all about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). We invite students in Grades 1-12 to join us in exciting themes including Geometry, Botany, Architecture, and more! These weekly ten-session programs are led by passionate undergraduate staff and are sure to excite almost anyone with a passion for STEM.


Online Saturday Club
    January 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 24, March 2, 9, 16, 23, April 6. **No clubs February 17th and March 30th.
  • 10AM – 12:30PM
  • UBC Vancouver (Point Grey Campus)
  • Chaoyin International School


See our club offerings below! Winter clubs will commence Saturday, January 20th with the last session on April 6th. **There will be no clubs on February 17th (Family Day/UBC Reading Break) or March 30th (Easter). Register today!


STEAM: Wizarding Wonders

Embark on a thrilling journey where science and magic intertwine! Become a magical alchemist, brewing potions and exploring chemical reactions. Engineer your way through Hogwarts challenges, designing structures inspired by the wizarding world. Experience spellbinding science experiments and delve into STEM mysteries. Discover the secrets of our Hogwarts-inspired club and forge unforgettable bonds with fellow witches and wizards! 

This is a brand new theme for Geering Up clubs! Some themes may pull ideas from past programs, but will present them with fun new twists.


LOCATIONS: Vancouver, Richmond

PRICING: $300 for 10 sessions

STEM: Make Some Waves

Welcome to the Make Some Waves Club, where we dive into the fascinating world of waves and sensors! Join us on an electrifying journey through the world of light waves, radio waves, sound waves, and more. Discover the magic of these invisible forces that shape our world and fuel modern technology, through hands-on activities and programming. Get ready to unleash your inner scientist and engineer, as we decode the secrets of communication systems, explore the wonders of sound waves, and uncover the power of electromagnetic waves. Let’s ride the waves of knowledge together and unlock the mysteries of the invisible universe around us!

This is a brand new theme for Geering Up clubs! Some themes may pull ideas from past programs, but will present them with fun new twists.


LOCATIONS: Vancouver, Richmond

PRICING: $300 for 10 sessions

STEM: Space Colony

Join us on an out-of-this-world adventure where young astronauts embark on an intergalactic journey of exploration and discovery! From building futuristic space habitats to designing cutting-edge space technologies, we dive into the wonders of space travel, learn about distant planets and celestial bodies, and imagine the future of space exploration. Get ready to put on your astronaut helmets and dive into hands-on activities, simulating space missions and experiencing the wonders of weightlessness. Together, we’ll foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, just like the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Join us at the Space Colony Club, where the stars are the limit, and the universe is our playground!

This is a brand new theme for Geering Up clubs! Some themes may pull ideas from past programs, but will present them with fun new twists.


LOCATION: Vancouver

PRICING: $300 for 10 sessions


Architecture & Design

In partnership with the UBC School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture (SALA), Geering Up is excited to host our new Architecture & Design club! This club provides students with an immersive introductory course in architecture, urbanism and studio design. Participants will engage in an iterative exploratory design process introducing basic disciplinary tools within the context of a design studio. Students will practice working at different conceptual scales: the actor/constituent, the space of the architecture, and the context of the city.  


LOCATION: Vancouver

PRICING: $320 for 10 sessions

Web Design

Welcome to the Web Design Club, where the magic of coding and creativity come together to shape the digital world! Join us on this exciting journey through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—the building blocks of web design. We dive into the art of building captivating websites from scratch. Whether you’re a coding enthusiast or a curious beginner, our doors are open to all young designers eager to unleash their potential. Join the Web Design Club and unlock the secrets of the virtual world, one line of code at a time. Your journey to becoming a web design prodigy starts here!

Please note that this is not an intensive or for-credit course, but a fun, educational environment for your high schooler to explore Web Design. All levels of coding ability are welcome! The goal of this club is to work towards an end-of-term project using the skills learned over the course of the club.

GRADE LEVELS: Grade 10-12

LOCATION: Vancouver

PRICING: $320 for 10 sessions

What are Saturday Clubs?

Each semester features a mixture of new inquiry-based curriculum and hands-on activities. Our Fall and Winter Saturday Clubs are designed to have new content that differs from previous Fall and Winter Clubs, Summer Camps, and Spring Break Clubs combined with new takes on some fan favourites.

When are Saturday Clubs?

Saturday clubs run Saturdays from end of September to early December for the fall term, and mid January to early April for the Winter term.


Please read the information below regarding our policies in place for clubs this year.

For Saturday clubs, we offer the following cancellation policy:

  • If cancelled more than one week before club's start: $30 cancellation fee
  • If cancelled one week or less before club's start: 50% refund
  • If cancelled after 4pm the Friday before the club's start: no refund will be given

We want to be as flexible as possible while also keeping programming costs down. When a customer cancels, we lose money in non-refundable credit card and registration fees. We never charge a fee for transferring off the waitlist.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our cancellation policies.

Bursary applications are open! Find information about bursaries here.

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