STEM Leadership Program

Applications for the STEM Leadership Program are now closed.

Welcome to the STEM Leadership Program!


“Being part of Geering Up’s STEM-LP Program introduced me not only to other like-minded people, but also to the range of possibilities within engineering for everyone. I would highly recommend this program for anyone hoping to make valuable connections and gain a better understanding of what working in STEM is really like.”

Program Objectives

The STEM-LP Program provides Leaders-In-Training (LITs) with an opportunity to:

  • Learn technical engineering skills (Python, JavaScript, HTML, C++, Arduinos, CAD…)
  • Apply the Engineering Design Cycle through a summer-long project
  • Understand the real-world applications of Engineering
  • Gain experience teaching others
  • Work with a team of like-minded peers
  • Facilitate STEM education in week-long camps
  • Present projects and findings in an end of summer gala

What are Leaders In Training (LITs)?

Leaders-In-Training (LITs) are high school volunteers who support our summer camps for kids. They work closely with our instructor team in leading a minimum of 2 one-we

ek-long daily STEM summer camps with up to 24 youth by creating a hands-on and dynamic learning environment. Leaders-In-Training have the opportunity to learn hands-on Engineering skills and apply them in a summer-long Social Development Project (SDP). The program consists of 3 major components:

February - May

  • Hiring
  • Technical Skills Training


  • Social Development Project Proposals
  • Camps Volunteer Training

July - August

  • SDP Work Time
  • Volunteering in Summer Camps
  • STEM-LP Gala

A full description of the position can be found here.

Basic Applicant Requirements

1. Be entering Grades 10-12 in September, 2024

2. Located in British Columbia lower mainland during May – August 3. Have not previously been an LIT
*All successful applicants must complete a Criminal Record Check upon admission into the program. 

Become a STEM Ambassador

Upon successful completion of the Leader-In-Training Program, LITs are invited, and encouraged, to remain in the program during the fall as STEM Ambassadors for their communities. They will become part of the STEM Ambassador Council, which acts as a bridge between Geering Up, UBC Applied Science, and high schools in BC through the sharing of ideas and improvement of outreach initiatives.

LITs demonstrate their electronics project


Frequently Asked Questions

  STEM Leadership Program Junior Instructor Program
Term February - September (Optional until December)

One or more of:

  • January - April
  • July - September
  • September - December
Duration Volunteer for at least two weeks in Geering Up summer camps Volunteer for at least one week in Geering Up summer camps OR for at least one club term (Fall/winter)
Training Train in technical, professional, and teaching skills Train in professional development, teaching, and classroom management
Special projects Pursue a summer-long social development project with the aid of Geering Up and industry professionals Once per camp week, design and lead your own STEM lesson for the class.

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