InSTEM Mentorship Program


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Geering Up’s InSTEM Mentorship Program aims to break down barriers preventing Indigenous youth living in rural communities from pursuing a post-secondary education or career in STEM.

What does mentorship look like?

Cultivate a supportive relationship

Geering Up screens, interviews, trains and pairs interested mentors with an individual mentee or a classroom. By virtually connecting rural Indigenous high school students to faculty and students at UBC, our program cultivates supportive relationships to expose youth to the opportunities available to them at the post-secondary level. Mentors act as advisors, friends and/or role models to their mentees. This can include lending an ear to listen to their academic concerns or offering advice about post-secondary options.

Become inspired and get engaged

Although Geering Up expects mentors and mentees to communicate with one another at least twice a month, the level of support and/or frequency of communication between pairs largely depend on each participant’s personal preference.


For Mentors

Any interested post-secondary student or faculty member can apply to be a mentor. Preference will be given to individuals who identify as Indigenous, specialize in a STEM field, and/or are a member of UBC. Please note that all mentors must undergo a criminal record check.
Mentor applications are now closed.

For Mentees

Students in Grades 7-12 are eligible to enter the program if they either self identify as Indigenous, First Nations, Metis or Inuit and/or have Indigenous status. Students in grade 12 must not have completed more than the first four months of the school year. Preference is given to students in remote communities where other mentorships do not exist.
Mentee applications are now closed.


What role do Community Members play?

Communities in which students are participating in the mentorship program are required to provide at least one point of contact. The community contact has a relationship with the mentee(s) and assists with advertising, mentee recruitment and communication. Examples of community points of contact include principles, teachers, family/community support workers, elders, etc.

What is Geering Up’s role?

Geering Up’s Community Outreach Team provides resource, training and support for mentors, mentees and community contacts. Beyond this, Geering Up is also responsible for advertisement, mentor recruitment, mentor/mentee pairing and regular check-ins with mentors and community members.

Program Timeline

November – Dec 15 Mentors apply
November – Dec 31 Mentees apply
First week of January Mentors are trained
Second week of January Mentors & Mentees are matched
January – May Mentorship happens!

For more in-depth information about Geering Up’s InSTEM Mentorship Program, click here.