Land Based Programming


What is Land Based Programming?

Allow us to collaborate with your community and Elders to incorporate traditional knowledge with STEM programming. These are week-long overnight camps designed for students Grade 5 and up. The activities include traditional teachings as well as STEM activities.


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You can reach us at or 604-655-2634.


What types of activities do we do here ?


Canoe Building

Students will have an opportunity to build their own canoe out of cardboard. If facilities permit, we will test them in a body of water and have a cardboard canoe race!



Students will learn about how pulleys work. They will use this knowledge to make a pulley system to hoist up a bucket. 


Shelter Building

Students will be given a tarp and some rope and will be asked to build a shelter. We will test if they can withstand the weather and a night in nature. 


Chair Design

Students will use the materials around them to build a chair that can hold them up. This team-building activity encourages creativity and resourcefulness.