Land-Based Programming

What is Land-Based Programming?

Allow us to collaborate with your community and Elders to braid Indigenous knowledge with STEM programming. These are week-long overnight camps designed for students Grade 5 and up. The activities include Indigenous cultural teachings alongside related STEM activities.

Have more questions?
You can reach us at or 604-655-2634.

What types of activities do we do here?

Canoe Building

Students will have an opportunity to build their own canoe out of cardboard. If facilities permit, we will test them in a body of water and have a cardboard canoe race!

Pulley Systems

Students will learn about how pulleys work. They will use this knowledge to make a pulley system to hoist up a bucket. 

Shelter Building

Students will be given a tarp and some rope and will be asked to build a shelter. We will test if they can withstand the weather and a night in nature.