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All of our online courses are free, self-guided, and aimed towards educators who are interested in developing their capabilities and confidence in teaching engineering activities in their classrooms. To further our goal of breaking STE(A)M barriers in classrooms, these courses make STE(A)M activities, resources, and tools, more accessible to educators.

  • Open to all educators
    Teachers, administrators, teacher librarians, anyone who works with youth! Engage with like-minded individuals through discussions
  • Asynchronous, Self-Paced, Flexible
    Downloadable Hands-On Lesson Plans
  • Global platform: edX
    Accessible to ALL educators EVERYWHERE 🙂
  • Free!
    Certificate Available for $15


Activities in these courses relate to BC’s Science and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) curriculum, however, you may take these courses from anywhere in the world! Each course consists of hands-on activities, downloadable lesson plans, assessment suggestions, discussions, and more!

Course About Grade Levels Time To Complete (Estimate)
Outdoor Education in STE(A)M Outdoor Education in STE(A)M is an activity focused, self-paced course designed to help educators use the skills that can be learned from outside, in nature and in the community and transferred to other STE(A)M fields. Gr. 3-7 Educators 4 hours
Quantum Computing for Your Classroom Quantum Computing for Your Classroom is an activity focused, self-paced course designed to help educators integrate an exciting new field into their physics and computer science classrooms. Gr. 10-12 Educators 4 hours
Putting The Art in STE(A)M Putting the Art in STE(A)M is an activity focused, self-paced course designed to help educators use the skills that can be learned through the arts and transferred to other STE(A)M fields. Gr. 1-6 Educators 4 hours
AI for Teachers Artificial Intelligence has absolutely exploded in capability and popularity lately and all signs point to it becoming even more capable and prevalent in the next few year. This course is designed to serve as an introduce you to the topic in a way which is approachable for both children and adults, allowing you to bring AI topics into your own classroom. Gr. 4-7 Educators 6 hours
STE(A)M & Sustainability The world around us is changing & building a sustainable future is vital in today’s society. From combatting global warming, to creating smart cities, students need the tools and awareness to be prepared for a new future! This course is a hands-on, self-paced, course designed to provide teachers with the knowledge and resources to incorporate sustainability topics into their existing STE(A)M curriculum. Gr. 3-7 Educators 4 hours
Engineering For Your Classroom K-3 How can we use engineering to rescue a cat stuck in a tree? How can newspapers help engineering be more sustainable? Join us to explore hands-on design challenges, collaborative activities, pedagogical approaches, and assessment strategies for teaching STE(A)M in your classroom! Gr. K-3 Educators 4 hours
Engineering For Your Classroom 4-9 Learn the knowledge, skills and resources to incorporate engineering design activities in your classroom! Gr. 4-9 Educators 4 hours
Coding for Your Classroom K-3 Can we teach coding without computers? What is a robot and where do we see them in our everyday lives? Can we explore art and creativity on our computer? Why is it important for K-3 students to develop computational thinking skills? Explore coding across your curriculum, engaging lesson plans, and new web-based platforms! Gr. K-3 Educators 4 hours
Coding For Your Classroom 4-10 Could we create an opponent that will always beat us in rock paper scissors? How could we educate youth about the climate crisis through a video game? Can a story be interactive? Explore a variety of web-based platforms throughout the course such as: Microsoft MakeCode Micro:bit, Scratch, Twinery, and more! Gr. 4-10 Educators 4 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Each course is a browser-based course which can be completed on any laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection. You will be asked to upload photos of your work throughout the course, so access to a camera/webcam is useful but not required.

Yes! Upon completion of each course you will receive a certificate along with access to the many resources!

Of course! Anyone can sign up for these courses. Our courses will reference BC's curriculum throughout, however, you could modify the activities to fit your local curriculum.

Depending on the course, you will be asked to complete some activities using simple materials you likely already have at home such as cardboard, popsicle sticks, and elastics. Alternate material suggestions will always be provided.

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