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All of our online courses are free, self-guided, and aimed towards educators (teachers, teacher candidates, and administrators) who are interested in developing their capabilities and confidence in teaching engineering activities in their classrooms. To further our goal of breaking STEM barriers in classrooms, these courses make STEM activities, resources, and tools, more accessible to educators.


Current Offerings:

Activities in these courses relate to BC’s Science and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (ADST) curriculum, however, you may take these courses from anywhere in the world! Each course consists of hands-on activities, downloadable lesson plans, assessment suggestions, discussions, and more!


Engineering For Your Classroom Hands-on design activities related to several engineering disciplines: civil, mechanical, biomedical, materials, computer, and sustainability. FREE Grades 4-9 Educators 6-12 hours
Introduction to Coding For Your Classroom Coming in Summer 2021 FREE Grades K-7 Educators 2-4 hours



Each course can be completed at your own pace, however, for each course, we will include an estimate as to how long we expect it to take on average.

Each course is a browser-based course which can be completed on any laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection. You will be asked to upload photos of your work throughout the course, so access to a camera/webcam is useful but not required.

Yes! Upon completion of each course you will receive a certificate along with access to the many resources!

Of course! Anyone can sign up for these courses. Our courses will reference BC's curriculum throughout, however, you could modify the activities to fit your local curriculum.

Depending on the course, you will be asked to complete some activities using simple materials you likely already have at home such as cardboard, popsicle sticks, and elastics. Alternate material suggestions will always be provided.

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