InSTEM Internship Program

Geering Up is offering this online internship program to Indigenous students in Grades 11 – 12 or first year university so that they may develop key professional skills as STEM instructors. Interns will be trained on how to design fun and engaging STEM curriculum, while supporting the delivery of Geering Up’s online activities this summer. You can find more information on our part-time applications page!

Indigenous Outreach

A detailed job description of the position can be found here:
Indigenous Outreach Internship Description

  • Grade Levels: Grades 11-12 and first year university
  • Internship Duration: July 10 – Sept. 1, 2023

The deadline to apply is 11:59 PM on Wednesday May 17, 2023.

By offering this opportunity, we hope to:

  • Foster the Interns’ capacity for leadership, interest in STEM, and their professional development.
  • Promote diversity in our staff through direct employment of and collaboration with Indigenous youth.
  • Improve Geering Up’s ability to communicate STEM topics with Indigenous youth.
  • Offer employment and networking opportunities to youth who are working from home.

Each intern will be mentored by an Outreach Instructor.

The mentor will be responsible for:

  • Guiding the student on how to be an effective STEM educator through online workshops and/or video content.
  • Providing insight into the specific steps needed to pursue careers in STEM.
  • Working with Outreach Interns to develop a set of personal and professional development goals.

Geering Up fosters a positive learning environment for both students and staff, so all positive-minded applicants will be thoroughly considered for an interview. Nonetheless, a stable internet connection with a webcam, computer, and microphone is required for working online in this program. If this is a challenge for you, please contact us at

Have more questions about the program and/or application?
You can reach us at