Women* Developers: Game Design x Cybersecurity

Dip your toes into a career in cybersecurity and game design!

As the gaming industry continues to expand and become the world’s largest entertainment sector, we need secure gaming platforms more than ever. From protecting personal data to building security directly into the game development process, we have a lot of ground to cover and a wide range of possibilities for how we can make safer entertainment. We’re also seeing a rising number of women* entering the workforce in game design and development and adding to a more well-rounded knowledge base. At our event, you’ll get to pick the brains of industry professionals and teachers AND traverse new worlds by injecting security principles into a game you’ll build.

We’re excited to host this hands-on day in collaboration with Vancouver Independent School for Science and Technology (VISST), Vancouver’s first STEM-dedicated high school.

Open to all girls* in Grades 7-9.

* We use the words “girls” and “women” inclusively. All trans, genderqueer and non-binary folks belong at and are welcome to attend our events.

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