Engineering x Arts: Charting Creativity

Engineering and the Arts are inherently connected. That’s why we’ve created this event to get you thinking about how we can apply technology to arts (and vice versa!) in inventive new ways. This day is based on the “9 Evenings of Theatre and Engineering” series that took place in October 1966, where 10 artists and 30 engineers joined forces to help enhance the performing arts. (This series saw the first time that a screen projection was used a theatre stage!)

Explore our specially curated “Arts Hubs” to study how that station’s facet of art feeds into and is strengthened by engineering principles. Tinker, create micro-art projects, and chat and network with mentors coming from an arts, engineering, and dual arts-engineering backgrounds! From photography to fashion and beyond, this is your platform to push the spectrum of what’s possible!

Open to all students in Grades 9-12.

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