Discover our Land-Based Camps!

Discover our Land-Based Camps!

Updated: 8/23/2019

What do we do at Land-Based Camps?

In collaboration with a community and elders, we run STEM activities while living on the land. This involves camping with students and allows for a reconnection to the land. It also gives students a chance to disconnect from technology, and reconnect with themselves. 
Our main goal with Land-Based Camps is to demonstrate the intersections between mainstream science and traditional Indigenous knowledge. While out on the land with students we have had many unique experiences that would not be possible in a classroom, and we always have a blast!
Let’s take a look at an example!

Kwadacha & Tsay Keh Dene

The communities of Kwadacha and Tsay Keh Dene have hosted us for land-based camps for a few years. These remote communities host our instructors for a week while we run a science camp. From building shelters and ropes to circuits, we have a range of activities that get students’ minds working on how to solve problems.


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