Online All Girls* Camps



As part of our mission to bring science and engineering to groups that are traditionally underrepresented in STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & Mathematics) fields, Geering Up will host All Girls* camps throughout the summer as well as All Girls Week from July 19th to 23rd. Join us this summer to explore new technologies and celebrate girls* in STEM!


  • Weekly Programming from JULY 5 to AUG 27, 2021
  • Morning Sessions: 10AM – 12PM PST
    Afternoon Sessions: 1:30 – 3:30PM PST

*The Geering Up team has an inclusive view of the words ‘girl’ and ‘women’ and use * to specifically and intentionally include cis and trans women, as well as genderqueer or non-binary people and other gender minorities.

What are All Girls* Summer Camps?

In addition to our regular camps, certain camps throughout the summer will be designated as All Girls* camps held in girl*-focused spaces! If you are looking to register a boy please take a look at our general camps page! This year, we’ll be offering eight weeks of All-Girls* camps (see schedule below). Camps are two-hours long a day and run for four or five days.

What is the Science Behind All Girls* Summer Camps?

The All Girls* programs are designed to work towards rectifying the disparity of representation of girls in STEM. We do this through providing fun and interesting opportunities to explore STEM in a space where girls can work together. If you would like to learn about the science behind the All Girls* programs, please check out the resources linked below!

What is All Girls* Week?

Geering Up holds an All Girls* week every summer to encourage girls* to discover and explore their love of science and engineering. By creating a girl*-focused space, we hope to help shrink that gender gap by encouraging and inspiring the next generation of women* in STEM!

Grade Levels: Grades 1-12 (varies by Camp Theme)

Program Pricing: $120-$180 (varies by Camp Theme and program duration)
We believe that every person should be able to participate in our programs, and so we are working hard to bring you summer courses through these challenging times. As such, please see the information regarding our camp bursaries.



For specific information on each Camp Theme, such as program descriptions and pricing, please see
the Elementary Summer Online Camps page and the High School Summer Online Camps page.


July 2021

TIME (PST) JULY 5 – 9 JULY 12 – 16 JULY 19 – 23
JULY 26 – 30
Morning Sessions
10AM – 12PM
Quantum Computing
Grades 5-6
Grade 1

Grades 6-7

Computers and Me
Grades 3-4

Level 1

Quantum Computing
Grades 8-9
Afternoon Sessions
1:30 – 3:30PM
Grades 6-7
Grades 2-3

Grades 4-5

Creative Coders
Grades 5-7

Quantum Computing
Grade 7

Integrated Engineering
Grades 8-9

Level 1
Intro to Python
Grade 7


August 2021

TIME (PST) AUG 3 – 6 AUG 9 – 13 AUG 16 – 20 AUG 23 – 27
Morning Sessions
10AM – 12PM
Creative Coders
Grades 3-4
Afternoon Sessions
1:30 – 3:30PM
Quantum Computing
Grade 7




Engendering Success in STEM

Geering Up is working with Engendering Success in STEM – a project working on promoting a culture of inclusion in science and engineering. They have a series of resources!
Click here for information about the PRISM (promoting rising inclusion and STEM motivation) project.
Click here to view some of the ESS resources about why this type of work is important.

Westcoast Women in Engineering Science and Technology

WWEST in a program run by the NSERC Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering.
Click here to view some of their resources including a card game depicting women in STEM!



Please read the information below regarding our policies in place for camps this year.

We want to be as flexible as possible while also keeping programming costs down. When a customer cancels, we lose $10 in non-refundable credit card and registration fees. We never charge a fee for transferring off the waitlist. We hope this makes it as easy as possible to change your plans.

More than 1 week before your camp starts: $10 cancellation fee; $0 program transfer fee
After 8:00 AM on the Monday of the week preceeding your camp: $40 cancellation fee; $20-$40 program transfer fee (depending on program selection)
After 4:00 PM on the Friday preceding your camp: No refund can be given; No transfers can be made

*If Geering Up needs to cancel Camp sessions at any point, all registered participants in that group will be given a full refund or the option to tranfer to a similar program.
** Note that all times refer to Pacific Standard Time

Bursary applications are currently open! For more information on how to apply for bursaries, please review the following pages:
Online Camps Bursaries 2021
In-Person Camps Bursaries 2021

Each of our online programs is led live by a pair of University Instructors and 1-2 high school Junior Instructors. We require Criminal Record Checks for each of our staff and all of our policies are reviewed by our board of advisers and comply with the standards of Actua, our national camps network.

As an additional measure of safety, our online camps are recorded for participant safety and to aid in an incident review process. Please note that these recordings are not available for distribution to participants, even in the case of a missed session.

However, our programs should never be considered as a replacement for guardian supervision, and it is still the responsibility of the guardian to provide adult supervision for participants similar to what participants would require while completing an independent homework project. In our programs we strive to create a classroom-like environment where participants are free to learn and grow through the challenges that the program will present. This means that we ask guardians to encourage their student to complete the activities independently of adult support where possible.

At Geering Up we strive to make our programs accessible to all youth. Our registration forms provide space for you to provide additional details about your student’s unique circumstances in order for our team to provide them with a great week at camp. Once your registration is submitted, our team will review your student’s details and may reach out to discuss how to best support your camper in our programs.

With our programs being online the strategies may involve adult support from home where our staff can only support virtually. If you have any concerns regarding the engagement of your child in our camps, please contact us at

For details on our COVID-19 response, please refer to our updates here.

  1. How will I know where to go on the first day?

    A link will be sent out to all registrants on the Thursday before the first day. In addition, the information email will contain instructions about how to minimize technical issues on the first day.

  2. Should parents be present for the sessions?

    In our programs we strive to create a classroom-like environment where participants are free to learn and grow through the challenges that the program will present. This means that we ask guardians to encourage their student to complete the activities independently of adult support where possible.

  3. Do I need any special equipment to participate?

    A web-enabled device is what you'll need to attend the session. A webcam is a nice addition, but not needed. For coding and computer-based programs, it is highly recommended that you have a laptop or desktop and do not use an iPad, Chromebook, or tablet.
    Additionally, participants registered in non-coding camps will have a box of most of the necessary supplies mailed to them the week before their camp begins. This box will not include technology components like webcams, web-enabled devices, etc.

  4. What do I need to do to set up for the first day?

    On the first day we'll ask guardians to join us for the first ten minutes as we make sure every participant is well set up.

  5. What does the online platform look like?

    We will be using UBC Zoom for our online programs. As mentioned, a webcam and mic are nice but are not necessary. Students are able to use a chat function or their webcam/mic to engage with the instructors and the other students in the class. The platform has an option to screen-share allowing our instructors to both share resources and help students with their projects.


Have more questions?
You can reach us at