High School Engineering and Design Competition

High School Engineering and Design Competition


We are excited to present our first High School Engineering and Design Competition co-hosted by Outward Engineering and Geering Up.
Through the lens of sustainable development, students will work in teams to develop an innovative solution to the presented problem. Students will then have their work evaluated by a panel of judges. All materials, lunch, as well as guidance from passionate undergraduate students will be provided.
Please note that although each student will register individually, you are able to select your own team. Don’t have a team? Don’t worry! Simply let us know in the registration form and we will place you in a team.


Date: March 7th 2020

Deadline to Register: March 1st 2020

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Location: UBC Vancouver Engineering Buildings

Grades: 8-12

Teams: Create your own teams of 4-6 participants or be placed in a team when you arrive


Prior to the event you will receive a general topic to give you a broader idea of the type of problem you may encounter at the event. The specific topic will be given to you when you arrive on March 7th. Please see below for some sample topics. The key in these competitions is that there are many approaches to solving the problem including digital or physical innovations and government policy changes.


  • General Topic: Improving safety in urban areas
  • Specific Topic: Improving bicyclist safety in Vancouver


  • General Topic: Water access and transportation
  • Specific Topic: Transporting water to a rural community in Uganda that resides at the top of a cliff with their water source 300m below


  • General Topic: Tackling the global waste issue
  • Specific Topic: Reducing the quantity of trash currently in the ocean and/or preventing future trash from reaching the ocean