Clubs Policy

Clubs Policy

Cancellation Policy

Last updated: June 2019

Fall clubs:

Cancellation before September 7 (2 weeks before 1st session): 100% refund, minus $25 processing fee

Cancellation after September 7 (2 weeks before 1st session): 50% refund

Once the clubs season begins: no refund

Winter clubs:

Cancellation before January 11th (2 weeks before 1st session): 100% refund, minus $25 processing fee

Cancellation after January 11th (2 weeks before 1st session): 50% refund

Once the clubs season begins: no refund

Peanuts & Nuts

Geering Up is a nut-free environment – we ask that you do not send foods that contain nuts or peanuts to clubs. We cannot guarantee that there will be no peanuts on site, but we do our best to check snacks and lunches. Please let us know about any peanut or nut allergies when you register, and we encourage you to bring your epi-pen to camp.

Photo Consent

Having your photo taken at clubs is optional. If you choose to opt in, you must agree to the terms below.

By giving consent, I agree to allow Geering Up of the University of British Columbia and Actua, the National organization to which Geering Up is a member, to photograph, audio record, video record, podcast and/or webcast the Child (digitally or otherwise) without charge; and to allow Geering Up, Actua, and their licensees to copy, modify and distribute in print and online, those images that include your child in whatever appropriate way either of Geering Up or Actua sees fit without having to seek further approval. I consent to any of my child’s personal information, including Images, being stored, accessed or disclosed outside of Canada.

Appropriate Behaviour Agreement

We want our programs to be a safe and fun experience for everyone. To ensure that we can all enjoy Geering Up programs, participants are expected to:

  • Respect: Be respectful to themselves, other participants, our staff, and Geering Up property;
  • Listen: Actively listen to the instructors and junior instructors, and the other participants; and
  • Be Positive: Maintain a positive attitude throughout the program.

The expectations at the program work just like the expectations at your child’s school. If your child follows them closely, then they will be able to participate in all of our activities. If your child doesn’t follow the expectations, then they may not be allowed to participate in an activity. Inappropriate behaviour may also result in the suspension of privileges, or removal from Geering Up without monetary reimbursement.  All decisions regarding the consequences of inappropriate behavior will be made by Geering Up in its sole discretion.

Internet Use Policy

Campers may have an opportunity to access learning tools on the Internet during their term of clubs. However, with access to computers and people all over the world comes the availability of material that is inappropriate to a youth camp setting. While the employees of Geering Up will make every possible effort to restrict the access to questionable material, the possibility of intentional or inadvertent access exists. We feel, however, that the advantages gained by using the Internet far outweigh the possibilities that users may obtain material inconsistent with the educational goals of our programming. Therefore, the following violations of internet use will lead to the disciplinary action of a phone call to the parent/guardian of the camper, and possible removal from Geering Up without monetary reimbursement:

  • Accessing inappropriate content;
  • Harassing other users online;
  • Vandalism of accounts and systems;
  • Distributing copyrighted material;
  • Sharing of accounts and passwords.

Geering Up employees will determine what is appropriate versus inappropriate use.