Pro-D Day – Coding for Your Classroom

Pro-D Day – Coding for Your Classroom


Coding for Your Classroom Workshops will return in the 2019-2020 school year. Check back in September for more events!

What is Coding for Your Classroom all about?

Coding for Your Classroom will help grade 6-9 teachers learn how to incorporate computer science and coding activities into their classrooms. Content will be focused on easy-to-implement computer science activities appropriate to the grade level and connected to the BC curriculum. The day will begin with “unplugged” activities that promote computational thinking, and then we will dive into exploring an easy to implement VR program – CoSpaces.

What are plugged and unplugged activities?

Plugged activities use technology, such as computers or robots. Unplugged activities do not use any technology. They reinforce computational thinking skills that students will use for technology, and in everyday life! This event will include both plugged and unplugged activities.