Summer Series

COVID-19 Update: We are happy to announce that we will be running professional development programs in a virtual environment! Although these workshops will be in a virtual environment, it is our goal at Geering Up to keep these workshops as hands-on and engaging as possible. For this reason, activities in the workshop may incorporate both synchronous and asynchronous learning. For more details, email us at

CFYC Summer Series

Join us this August for weekly coding workshops! With a variety of topics from coding through games, to storytelling, to climate change, we aim to bring something new and exciting to each workshop! Through both plugged, and unplugged activities, you will leave with new skills, improved digital literacy, and tons of fun resources to try out in your classroom! No previous coding experience required! Register for any of our workshops in the link below!

Current Offerings:

Event About Date Time
Computational Thinking through Games Coding through games?! Join us on August 5th to explore block-coding through games! By the end of the workshop you will have coded your own rock paper scissors robot! August 5, 2021 9:30AM – 11AM
Coding and Storytelling Can we tell a story through code?! Join us on August 12th to develop your computational thinking skills and then apply those skills to a web-based storytelling application called Twinery! August 12, 2021 9:30AM – 11AM
Coding Climate Change Can we use coding to solve climate change?! In this workshop, educators will learn all about coral reefs & the plastic threat they face. We will then create an ocean clean-up computer game in Scratch to raise awareness about cleaning our oceans. August 19, 2021 9:30AM – 11AM
Coding Across the Curriculum Can coding be taught in all of our subjects?! In this hands-on workshop, we will explore coding across the curriculum. Learn how we can implement small changes in all of our subjects to teach computational thinking! August 26, 2021 9:30AM – 11AM


EFYC K-3 Summer Series

Join us this August for weekly engineering workshops! We often see different engineering challenges to use in the older grades, but what about our K-3 classrooms? We will use a variety of hands-on games and challenges to explore different ways you can bring the applied design portion of the ADST curriculum to your K-3 classroom. Each week brings new concepts, fun and engaging activities and tons of resources to take away to your own classroom! Register for any of our workshops in the link below!

Current Offerings:

Event About Date Time
Engineering in a K-3 Classroom How can we introduce Engineering in our K-3 classrooms? In this workshop, we will explore how to begin to engage our K-3 students in the applied design skills and technologies (ADST) from the curriculum. We will then try out a hands-on engineering activity that you can use to teach these applied skills! August 10, 2021 1PM – 2:30PM
Engineering Across the Curriculum Learn how Engineering concepts can be applied in our classrooms to meet the criteria of the ADST curriculum as well as other curriculums. Then you will have the opportunity to use the Engineering Design Process to create your own instrument! August 17, 2021 1PM – 2:30PM
Create Your Own Engineering Design Challenge Tired of searching the web for fun engineering activities that will fit your grade? Join us August 24th to create your own engineering design challenge that can be used in your own classroom. Take away the knowledge of how to create your own as well as a resource bundle of lessons from various teachers! August 24, 2021 1PM – 2:30PM
Introduction to Scratch Jr Join us on August 31st to explore computational thinking in the younger grades through the use of unplugged activities and games! Explore how you can begin to teach block coding using Scratch Jr. August 31, 2021 1PM – 2:30PM


Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Anyone can sign up for our professional development workshops. Our workshops will reference and integrate BC's curriculum throughout, however, you could modify the activities to fit your local curriculum.

We will let you know! We send participants a pre-session information email approximately 1 week prior to the workshop, and will let you know then. Depending on the workshop you may be asked to complete some activities using simple materials you likely already have at home such as cardboard, popsicle sticks, and elastics. Alternate material suggestions will always be provided.

If your question isn't answered on our website, feel free to contact us at for any questions that you may have.


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