DTQC Quantum Hub


DTQC: Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing

Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing is a K-12 Initiative with the goal of bringing Quantum Computing workshops, events, clubs, and camps to youth across BC. With academic (SFU, UVic) and industry partners (D-Wave Systems, Microsoft), as well as co-investment from the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster, this project has developed an open-source quantum computing education resource hub, consisting of curriculum tools, web applications, quantum computing games, and various curriculum materials.


Interactive Quantum Computing Problems

The DTQC Quantum Hub, a website consisting of a collection of apps relating to quantum computing, was developed to empower young people to explore a future in quantum computing.
Try your hand at problems like the Sudoku Solver or the Travelling Salesperson, some of which actually use quantum computing on D-Wave’s 2000Q quantum processor to solve them.

D-Wave’s quantum computer leverages quantum dynamics to accelerate and enable new methods for solving discrete optimization, sampling, material science, and machine learning problems.