Online Homework & Hangout Clubs


Registration for the Spring 2022 Online Homework & Hangout Club sessions is now open!

Homework Clubs are weekly STEM-focused meetings that provide students with a place to get homework help and connect with a community. Join us for this 6 week long program to build community and get some homework support!

Online Homework Club
  • 4PM – 5:30PM

What are Homework & Hangout Clubs?

With a strong focus on BC’s school STEM curricula, each session will feature a lesson and a short associated activity that will last for 1.25 hours. Those with assigned school homework are encouraged to stay for the last 15 minutes to receive support.

Grade Levels: Grades 3-7

Program Pricing: This program uses a sliding scale pay-what-you-can model. We recognize that this can be a challenging time for families and we want to make our programs as accessible as possible while also being able to compensate the wonderful undergraduate instructor team. Upon registering, please select the tuition option that best fits your current financial situation.
Our recommended price is $30.



Depending on the grade level, club sessions are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You will be emailed a link to the online platform a week prior to your first session along with a brief list of required materials and other important information.

Spring Session Dates (6 sessions)

  • STEM 3/4: Every Tuesday from May 3rd to June 7th, 2022
  • STEM 5: Every Wednesday from May 4th to June 8th, 2022
  • STEM 6/7: Every Thursday from May 5th to June 9th, 2022



Please read the information below regarding our policies in place for clubs.

We want to be as flexible as possible while keeping costs down. When a customer cancels, we lose $10 in non-refundable credit card and registration fees. That's why we are implementing a $10 cancellation fee policy across all of our clubs.
We never charge a fee for transferring between programs or transferring off the waitlist. We hope this makes it as easy as possible to change your plans.

Up to 1 business day prior to the start date of the program – $10 cancellation fee to cover our non-refundable expenses.
After 1 business day prior to the start date of the program – No refund possible as we've already committed staff resources.

* If Geering Up needs to cancel Homework Club sessions at any point, all registered participants in that group will be given a full refund.

  1. How will I know where to go on the first day?A link will be sent out to all registrants on the Thursday before the first day. In addition, the information email will contain instructions about how to minimize technical issues on the first day.
  2. Do I need any special equipment to participate?A web-enabled device is what you'll need to attend the session. A webcam is a nice addition, but not needed. If you require a laptop to participate, you can apply for our laptop loan program by emailing us at
  3. What do I need to do to set up for the first day?On the first day we'll ask guardians to join us for the first ten minutes as we make sure every participant is well set up. We will also send basic connection information on the Friday before the sessions begins.
  4. Who supervises the program?Our programs are all lead by a pair of undergraduate students in science/engineering. All programs are recorded for safety purposes. However, it is still the responsibility of a guardian to provide supervision for their youth during the program. For example, guardians must be available if their child needs tech support or first aid.


Have more questions?
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