Mentorship Program


Become a Mentor at Geering Up


Are you interested in mentoring our ASAP High School Summer Program?

Our mentorship program is a key component of our high school programs. Mentors work with thousands of youth each year and help youth picture themselves in STEM fields. Together we can inspire the next generation of STEM leaders!

Our high school program runs from July to August Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. The sign-up form is found at the bottom of the page.


The activities done at clubs are different each year. Our team of Instructors plan the curriculum on a week-by-week basis so they can tailor each week to fit the clubs participants, so we cannot provide exact schedules. The “Club Themes” section below should give you a general idea of the activities we have done in the past.


We bring in mentors or go on a field trip at least once per term, and our camps include a wide range of science and engineering topics. We avoid repeated activities that have occurred in the last two years to avoid kids experiencing the same club (with the exception of some crowd favourites with fresh twists) – so every week, get ready for a brand new week of science and engineering!


Have more questions?
You can reach us at or 604-822-2858. On Saturday mornings, our clubs staff can be reached at 604-827-0645.



What a typical Mentor Event looks like:


In our ASAP High School Summer Program, we invite mentors to join us for a short presentation followed by an activity.

Generally speaking, the presentation is 5-10 minutes long. We encourage mentors to share a bit about the work they currently do and how they got into the field. Photos of the mentor as a kid (or teenager) are always a hit and help bridge the gap between our guests and the class.
Following the presentation and questions, we invite our mentor to join us in a class activity. If there is an activity (30-45 minutes) that you would like to bring – let us know and we’ll help you set up. Otherwise, you can join in an activity our instructors have prepared. As our mentor, you will float between groups as they work on the activity providing guidance and answering any questions.