Indigenous Internship Program

Indigenous Internship Program

Geering Up is offering an internship program designed to help Indigenous youth build up their communities as Outreach Instructors.

We are offering this opportunity in order to:

  1. Foster the Interns’ capacity for leadership, interest in STEM, and their professional development. 
  2. Promote diversity in our staff through direct employment of and collaboration with Indigenous youth.
  3. Improve Geering Up’s ability to communicate STEM curricula with Indigenous youth.


An Outreach Instructor will be assigned to the student as a mentor for the entirety of the internship program. The mentor will:

  1. Guide the student on how to be an effective STEM educator.
  2. Provide insight on the specific steps needed to pursue STEM careers. 
  3. Work with Outreach Interns to develop a set of personal and professional development goals. The student’s progress on these goals will be evaluated on a weekly basis throughout the internship. 


We recognize that applicants for this position may come from a variety of locations and backgrounds, some who may live far from the UBC campus. Our team will be flexible as possible with respect to scheduling and where training will be conducted. Moreover, Geering Up will cover travel and accommodation costs for the intern to travel to UBC Vancouver for training.


Applications for our July 2020 session will be open until April 19th at 11:59 pm. 


For more information on this program, email