Full Time Positions


Applications are due January 28, 11:59PM.



Instructor (Apr – Sept)

Our general instructors lead in-school STEM workshops during workshops season, and run educational and fun camp activities during camps season!

French Instructor (Apr – Sept)

Our French Instructors help us teach our in-school workshops in French, and then join us for regular (English) summer camps in July and August!

High School Instructor (Apr – Sept)

Our High School instructors are our front-line staff who plan and run educational and engaging camp activities to high school students in subjects such as biomedical engineering, software design, and sustainability in engineering!

Camp Instructor (June – Sept)

Our Camp Instructors are our front-line staff teaching week long STEM day-camps on the UBC campus! 

Outreach Instructor (Apr/Jun – Sept)

Outreach Instructors are among our frontline staff, delivering week long STEM summer camps to youth across British Columbia. Those in this role have a special focus on working in rural areas and with at-risk and indigenous youth, often carrying out their duties without direct on-site supervision.

Integration Support Instructor (Apr/Jun – Sept) 

Our Integration Support Instructors help ensure every child is able to access camp regardless of their exceptionalities. Vancouver and South Surrey IS instructors have the option of working as regular Workshop Instructors in May and June, before moving into a specialized role in July and August. Our Kelowna IS will work from June to August!

Kelowna Instructor (May – Aug)

Our Kelowna Instructors are work the entire summer (May-August) leading in-school workshops and then join us for our on-campus (UBC-O) summer camps!

Kelowna Camp Instructor (Jun – Aug)

Our Kelowna Camp Instructors are our front-line staff teaching week long STEM day-camps to 25 youth on the UBC-O campus each week of the summer!

South Surrey Instructor (Apr/Jun – Sept)

Our South Surrey Camp Instructors are our front-line staff teaching week long STEM day-camps each week of the summer at our South Surrey location.

North Delta Instructor (Apr/Jun – Sept)

Our North Delta Camp Instructors are our front-line staff teaching week long STEM day-camps each week of the summer at our North Delta location.

North Vancouver Instructor (Apr/Jun – Sept)

Our North Vancouver Camp Instructors are our front-line staff teaching week long STEM day-camps each week of the summer at our North Vancouver location.

Richmond Instructor (Apr/Jun – Sept)

Our Richmond Camp Instructors are our front-line staff teaching week long STEM day-camps each week of the summer at our brand new Richmond location!



Off-Site Student Assistant Co-op (May – Sept)

Off-Site Student Assistant oversee Geering Up Camps in one of our Satellite locations! We are looking for Off-Site Student Assistants in South Surrey, North Delta, and North Vancouver! This is a great opportunity to oversee your own camp projects and oversee a group of instructors.

High School Student Assistant Co-op (May – Sept)

The High School Student Assistant will be in charge of the general oversight of our ASAP High School camps that run on the UBC Vancouver location. They will oversee a team of High School Instructors and ensure the success of our our day and overnight camps.

Materials Student Assistant Co-op (May – Sept)

If you love organization and inventory this job is for you! The Materials Student Assistants oversee the organization, procurement, and purchasing of Geering Up Materials. 

Technology Student Assistant Co-op (May – Sept)

The Technology Student Assistant oversees the distribution of all Geering Up Tech during our summer programming. This position involves both strong organizational skills and creative implementation of old and new tracking systems.  

Administrative Assistant Co-op (May – Sept)

The Administrative Assistant supports with the administrative day-to-day operations of camps such as parent communications and maintaining our online registration system.

Kelowna Student Assistant Co-op (May – Sept)

The Kelowna Student Assistant will oversee the Kelowna workshop and camp season. This involves the general oversight and supervision of the Kelowna Instructor team.

Development Student Assistant Co-op (May – Sept)

Our Development Student Assistant will seek sponsorship opportunities, communicating with sponsors and applying for grants and corporate sponsorships. They will also support with the growth and development of our offsite camp programs, and assess program performance through creation of reports and compiling statistics.

Video Content Creator Student Assistant Co-op (May – Sept)

The Video Content Creator is responsible for the creation and development of social media platforms to help advertise and promote our programs. They will revamp our website to provide up-to-date information, and spearhead new video campaigns and initiatives to share Geering Up’s programs to an even wider audience than previous years!

Teacher Pro-D Instructor (Jun – Aug)

Our Teacher Pro-D Instructor delivers training workshops for teachers throughout the Lower Mainland. They lead the curriculum design, and create activities connected to the school curriculum which teachers can implement in their classrooms!

How Do I Apply?

1. Get to know Geering Up

Explore our website. Get to know how Geering Up works. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

2. Prepare your application

During the process of filling out the application form you will be asked for a brief summary of your relevant work/volunteer experience and a PDF of your resume. Instructor applicants will be asked to attach a YouTube video link (more info in FAQ’s below).

3. Fill out the Application Form

The application form is available above. You will be asked to attach your resume, cover letter and video (if you are applying for a camps instructing position) to the last page of this application form. You will receive a confirmation email when your application has been received by us.


Geering Up is a non-profit organization that exists to bring STEM programming to youth across BC regardless of their background. To achieve this Geering Up does four things: workshops in elementary schools, camps at UBC, after-school clubs at UBC, and outreach in communities outside of Vancouver. Our instructor team plans and delivers this fantastic content.

As an engineering and science outreach organization, we do give preference to students with and engineering or science background. However, for our instructing positions we consider other applicants who have strong experience working with children and are pursuing a career in education. For our non-teaching positions, we consider all applicants who have work experience in similar roles.

We want to see you in action! Our Instructor application will ask for you to attach a video. We ask that you film a quick video (no editing necessary) of you teaching anything within the STEM fields as if it were to a class of kids. Please keep it short (under 2 minutes) and upload the video to YouTube, as we will ask for a YouTube link. Returning staff are exempt from this.

Yes!! However, please be advised that several of our positions work with young children. If you are an international student on a work permit, a completed medical exam is required prior to your start date for these positions. Please refer to the Government of Canada website or contact your local visa office for additional information.

Yes! Anyone who joins us for camps season (June 10th start) can take classes during Term 1 of the summer. We will excuse you from work for any classes and finals you have in the last couple weeks of June. Lots of Instructors prefer a June start so that they can take some summer classes. If you plan on taking Summer Term 2 courses, then you would have to take a part-time position with us during camps season.

Student Assistants are the title we give to our staff who help out with our administration team. They often directly oversee a project, which could include supervising a group of Instructors.

Have more questions?
Please email lydia@geeringup.ca.