Discover E Okanagan Programs

DiscoverE Okanagan Programs

What is the DiscoverE Program?

Unique to UBC’s Okanagan campus, DiscoverE is the School of Engineering’s high school program! Class discussions and hands-on activities will be led by the university faculty. DiscoverE participants will be exposed to general design process through civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering projects. Teamwork will be utilized to work on soft skills such as leadership and communication to emphasize the need for both in the Engineering profession.

Get a Competitive Edge

At the School of Engineering at UBC’s Okanagan campus, practical knowledge is not enough to manifest change in our society today. In the DiscoverE program, participants will have the opportunity to apply their current and learned knowledge from this program to innovatively solve issues society is facing today and further the limits of our capabilities. Through several hands-on activities and projects facilitated by professors and students, participants will work in teams to apply STEM principles, business ideas and entrepreneurial skills to create a product or service that responds to a real-world problem. This project will help participants build up their resumes, as well as their leadership, collaborative and entrepreneurial skills.

Meet the UBC Community

Our team of instructors is made of university professors who are passionate about their field of study and have extensive experience working with youth. This structure makes the DiscoverE program unique as it it the only of its kind in the Okanagan that pairs high school students directly to faculty members.


DiscoverE registration is now closed. For more information about the program please refer to the School of Engineering website

Discover Our Programs

Week 1 (July 15th – 19th 2019)

Biomedical Engineering: All about your heart, looking at your heart rate, heartbeats and the angle of your heart

Materials Engineering: Designing and creating waterproof textiles and non-stick cookware.

Structures and Materials: Concrete… like you have never seen it before!

Environmental Engineering: Designing and creating ways to make water safe and clean

Week 2 (July 22nd – 26th 2019)

Manufacturing Technology: 3D modeling, 3D printing, 3D scanning and reverse engineering

Mechatronics: Mobile robot building, programming and control with Arduino. Working with various sensors.

Environmental Engineering: Learning about how we impact the environment