For Credit Programming


What is For Credit Programming?

Geering Up will collaborate with your school to develop a curriculum for your students. This program allows students to receive High-School Credits for our program.


Have more questions?
You can reach us at or 604-655-2634.


What types of activities do we do here ?


In our pilot program with the Grade 10 students at Britannia Secondary School, we provided three sessions throughout the year. Each session followed the Engineering Design Cycle to demonstrate how engineers solve problems.


Tensile Strength and Rope Building

Students learn about the breaking point of materials when tension is applied. They use this knowledge to build the strongest rope possible. 


Chemical Powered Car

Students test mixtures to discover which concentrations created the greatest amount of gas. They use this knowledge to power a miniature car across the classroom. 


Water Filtration

Students learn about the riparian zone and how different materials filter water. They use this knowledge to build a water filter and then test the water to see how effective their filters are.


Student exploring electronics at Geering Up