Summer Schedule


Geering Up camps run 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, and are each one week long. We incorporate a 30 minute recess break and a hour long lunch into each day. Camps don’t run on statutory holidays and Friday, September 4, 2020. Additional supervision is available through our Before & After care program.


Please be aware that these percentage fills reflect the full capacity of camps. This means that although a camp may display a less than full capacity on our website, in reality there may be no more seats available for your specific camper due to our mission to promote Codemakers programs to all genders.

For instance, a camp may display a capacity of 60% which implies there are 40% spots remaining. However, there may only be “Girls Seats” remaining and the 60% fill comes from all the “General Seats” being filled.
We strongly recommend you register for the waitlist if your seat-type is filled as spots often open up later! For more information on why we hold seats for girls please visit our CodeMakers website here.


Click here for the PDF of our Vancouver 2020 Camps Schedule