Please read the information below regarding some of the frequently asked questions for camps this year.

Registration Questions

What is GU's cancellation and transfer policy?

Date of cancellation Cancellation Fee
Before 8:00am on the Monday a week before camp begins $25*
After 8:00am on the Monday a week before camp begins 50% camp price
After 4:00pm on the Friday before camp begins 100% camp price

*For our overnight camps a registration fee of $100 is applied if cancelled more than a week before the camp begins.

*For our online camps that have materials boxes, a fee of $40 is applied if the materials box has already been shipped and you would like to cancel or transfer camps.

*For Kelowna camps there is a $40 transfer fee.

Go to a specific camp on Active (our registration system), add to the shopping cart, and click continue. You do not need to create an account before registration day, as it will prompt you to do so during checkout. Our Camps 2023 registration will open in late February or early March 2023.

Please register your camper in the grade that they will be going into in the fall of 2023.
For example, if your child is currently in Grade 3, and will be going into Grade 4 in September 2023, then you should register them for grade 4 camps.

We strongly discourage signing up your child into a camp that does not fit their grade level going into September 2023, as we tailor our camps to be most engaging to their grade level.

We strongly discourage signing up your child into a camp that does not fit their grade level going into September 2023, as we tailor our camps to be most engaging to their grade level.

Geering Up holds an All Girls* week every summer to encourage girls* to discover and explore their love of science and engineering. We run all-girls* programming due to the gender gap in most STEM fields. By creating a girl*-focused space, we hope to help shrink that gender gap by encouraging and inspiring the next generation of women* in STEM.

*Please note that we have an inclusive view of the word ‘girl’ and 'women', and we welcome trans, genderqueer, and non-binary participants interested in this camp. If you are interested in learning more about the science behind why we run All Girls* camps, please visit our information page here.

At Geering Up, we strive to make our programs accessible to all youth and we are happy to accept youth with exceptionalities. Our registration forms provide space for you to give additional details about your child's unique circumstances in order for our team to provide them with a great week at camp. Once your registration is submitted, our team will review your child's details and may reach out to discuss how to best support them in our programs.

We do! Geering Up strives to make STEM accessible for all. Each year, we give out bursaries to help families subsidize registration costs. Bursary applications open at the same time as our Summer Camps. To apply for a bursary, please visit our bursary information page.


Day-to-Day Questions

Yes, we do at our UBC Vancouver location! When you register for UBC Vancouver camps you can choose to purchase the lunch program. Campers will receive a main dish, side, and drink each day. On Fridays, we have pizza days for all campers, so the lunch program is for Mondays to Thursdays. We can accommodate most dietary restrictions and allergies with our lunch program.

We do allow campers in our High School Camps (Grades 8-12) to have the option to sign themselves out during lunch. You must select “Lunch Release” during registration or when you sign your camper in on the first day so that they can be allowed to do this.

Yes we do at our UBC Vancouver and UBCO Kelowna locations! We have before care that runs from 8:15am to 9:00am, and after care that runs from 3:00pm-4:00pm. We also offer extended after care at UBC Vancouver only, which runs for an additional hour, from 3:00pm-5:00pm. When you register, you can add these extra purchases.

ASAP Overnight camps give campers in Grades 10-12 a taste of residence life. Campers arrive the day before daycamps start & stay in residence throughout the week with meals included. Our overnight instructors will bring campers to their daily camp and pick them up afterwards. After camp each day the campers will attend Vancouver-based activities with their instructors before going back to residence for the night.

Yes! We have a 30 minute recess and hour-long outdoor lunch every day. Our Bioexplorers camp at UBC Vancouver is heavily outdoors-based, and the first of its kind here at Geering Up!


Curriculum Questions

Yes, we do run the same curriculum every week, but we offer a variety of camps at each level. For example, if you sign up for STEM explorations in week 5 and Maker in week 6, you would get different activities in those two camp themes.

Each camp of the same theme is the exact same curriculum week to week though, so you do not want to double register in those- For example, do not register the same child in both Maker week 5 and Maker week 6. 

We don’t send out our daily camp schedules before camp, but at the end of each day, we email parents with an update about what activities campers did that day. We have descriptions of all our camps on our website that can give you an idea of what type of activities your camper may be taking part in.

We are all about hands-on learning in our Summer Camps! We love to do building challenges and conduct science experiments. Even in our Coding Camps, we incorporate engineering challenges and robotics, and circuitry projects.

Our Creative Coders and Computers & Me camps will spend most of their time on block coding programs like Scratch or MakeCode. In these programs they drag blocks of code together to create a script. Campers get to learn all about computer programming logic without having to worry about typing and spelling! In our Creative 6-7 Coders camps, campers will be introduced to a typed form of coding, either JavaScript or Python. No previous coding experience is necessary for any of our elementary coding camps!

Have more questions?
You can reach us at camps.geeringup@ubc.ca.