Summer Camps 2022 Bursary Applications

Bursary applications for Summer Camps 2022 are now closed. 


Thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters, we are able to offer bursaries to subsidize program fees, allowing our programs to be more accessible to as many youth as possible. We offer bursaries up to 90% and ask that parents/guardians apply for what their current needs are. We understand that these are unprecedented and financially difficult times for many families. As such, if you require financial assistance for your child to attend our programs, please consider applying to our bursary program below. Your information will be treated with complete confidentiality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to register before applying for a bursary application?

You do not. We reserve spots in all of our camps for bursary applications. After completing your bursary application we will try to get back to you within 5 business days on the status of your application. However the wait can be longer when there are high volumes of applications. Once your application is approved we will contact you with a special code that will allow you to register and pay the amount indicated by your bursary. If you have already registered when you apply for a bursary we can refund you based on your bursary amount.

Q. What is on the bursary application?

We’ll ask you to rank your top 3 camps, and your top 3 week choices. We try to give everyone their top choices. We will also ask you to tell us why you would like a bursary and why your camper would like to come to our camps. We will not ask you to provide any financial information to us. Lastly we’ll ask you about what size bursary you’d like. We can only offer bursaries that cover up to 90% of the camp cost.

Q. Can I get more than one bursary so my camper can go to more than one camp a summer?

Unfortunately at this time Geering Up is only able to offer one bursary per child per camp season. We do offer clubs throughout the school year and your child would be eligible for another bursary in that program. 

Q. How do you actually give me the bursary?

We will send you a special discount code that you can use when you register through our registration system Active. It’s kind of like using an online gift card! If you register before your application is approved but your application gets approved we can refund the quantity of your bursary to your credit card. 

Q. What can I do if I don’t get a bursary?

There are other bursary programs available for summer camps that could be used to fund your child’s registration fees at Geering Up. These are several for children in British Columbia:

There are also other camps in the area that offer bursary programs:


For questions about bursaries please contact