In-Person High School Summer Camps


2022 Summer Camps registration is OPEN! 


This summer, Geering Up is offering camps for high school students at our UBC Vancouver and UBCO campuses! Our high school camps inspire and challenge youth across Vancouver through fun, innovative, and hands-on experiments and projects. We will be offering both five-day day camps and overnight camps this year for our high school students.


Interested in our ASAP Overnight camps for grades 10-12? These camps allow students to live on campus for the week, go to camps during the day, and participate in exciting activities in the afternoon & evenings. Find detailed information about ASAP Overnight here!


  • Weekly Programming from JULY 4 to SEPT 1, 2022 6 HIGH SCHOOL CAMP THEMES
  • UBC Vancouver (Point Grey Campus) and UBC Okanagan (Kelowna Campus)
Grade Levels: Grades 8-12 (varies by Camp Theme)
Program Pricing: $316-410 (varies by Camp Theme and program duration)

We believe that every person should be able to participate in our programs, and so we are working hard to bring you summer courses through these challenging times. As such, please see the information regarding our camp bursaries.

Registration Deadlines: Registration for each camp will close at 11:59PM on the Sunday the week before camps begin.*Overnight camps not included
(i.e., if the camp begins Monday, July 11th, registration for it will close on Sunday, July 3rd at 11:59PM)



Please note that each camp will feature the same curriculum each week. As such, we do not advise taking the same camp more than once throughout the summer.

ASAP Biomedical Engineering

Pull on some gloves, put on a pair of safety goggles, and grab yourself a lab coat because Geering Up’s Biomedical Engineering camp is back! A staple of the Geering Up High School camps, Biomedical Engineering focuses on its namesake discipline of engineering, biomedical engineering.

This camp combines aspects of anatomy, microbiology, medical technology, and engineering as we look at how biomedical engineers solve problems in medicine. In these camps, engaging and thought-provoking presentations are met with hands-on design activities meant to transport our campers into the shoes of biomedical engineers.

Join this camp if you are interested in medicine, biology, microbiology, or engineering, or want to see how engineers can work to solve problems in the medical field!

GRADE LEVELS: Grade 8-12

LOCATIONS: Vancouver, Kelowna

ASAP Integrated Engineering

Sharpen your pencils, slap on a hard hat, and get your designer brains in gear because Geering Up’s Integrated Engineering camp is back! Integrated Engineering is the study of how the different disciplines of engineering can be used together to accomplish amazing things. As such, this camp will not only focus on one discipline of engineering, but multiple!

From engaging presentations on the types of engineering to hands-on design activities, our Integrated Engineering camp is perfect for those high school students looking to flex their problem solving skills and get to designing!

Join this camp if you are interested in how engineers from different disciplines work together to solve complex problems, working on hands-on design challenges, and developing critical thinking skills.

GRADE LEVELS: Grade 8-12

LOCATIONS: Vancouver

ASAP Sustainability Engineering

Start thinking green because Geering Up’s Sustainability Engineering camp is making a return! This camp is all about environmental engineering and sustainable design. The Sustainable Engineering camp stream focuses on environmental engineering and finding sustainable solutions to pressing issues facing society.

Campers learn about how technology could be used to improve environmental issues and current technologies that already are. Our Sustainability Engineering camp will teach campers to look at the world and themselves through a sustainable lens.

Join this camp if you are interested in sustainable technologies, creating new technologies for a sustainable world, and making a difference in your community!

GRADE LEVELS: Grade 8-12

LOCATIONS: Vancouver

ASAP Aerospace Engineering

Fasten your seatbelts and engage your thrusters because Geering Up is excited to introduce our brand new ASAP Aerospace camp! In this camp we look at how humans are sent to space starting with the planning phase, all the way to the rocket returning to earth.

Campers will discover the physics and mathematics behind space flight and orbits around earth. They’ll also look at the biological and medical aspects of surviving in space or on another planet! Come explore the engineering feats and technology required to build rockets, space stations, satellites, and rovers.


Join this camp if you’re interested in space exploration, flight, pushing new boundaries, and learning what aerospace engineering entails!

GRADE LEVELS: Grade 8-12

LOCATIONS: Vancouver, Kelowna

ASAP Robotics Engineering

Ready your controllers and grab your tools, because Geering Up is excited to announce that our high school Robotics Engineering camp is returning! Automating dangerous or complicated tasks is becoming more and more common in STEM disciplines and everywhere else.

In this camp campers learn how to design, build, and code machines that help make people’s lives easier. This camp is perfect for campers looking to learn more about how technology and engineering are integrated and used to assist humans accomplish incredible feats.


Join this camp if you’re interested in electrical, mechanical, or mechatronics engineering, or if you like making robots and exploring how to automate them!

GRADE LEVELS: Grade 8-12

LOCATIONS: Vancouver

ASAP Software Engineering

Pull out your laptops and open up your coding environments, because Geering Up is excited to once again offer our Software Engineering camps! This camp introduces campers to a variety of coding skills, techniques, and languages. Campers get to utilize these skills to make creative coding projects and solve real-world problems software engineers face. In this camp campers get to code machines and technology. There are lots of creative projects that combine coding, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Our Software Engineering camp is perfect for computer newbies or those with some experience.


Join this camp if you’re interested in coding, game development, creating software, or understanding how computers work!

GRADE LEVELS: Grade 8-12

LOCATIONS: Vancouver


The first decision you’ll want to make is whether you are interested in an online or in-person program.

  • Our in-person programs are summer camps designed to introduce the topic with engaging activities. They run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm every day for a week and have activities to introduce a variety of topics in the field of the camp. They are split according to camp theme.
  • Our online programs are courses that are designed to teach a new skill. They run for 2 hours every day for a week and have more individual work and denser lesson plans revolving around a single coding language. They are split according to the coding level of participants.

If you’ve chosen our in-person programs, you have a choice between our Software Engineering and Robotics camps. Both camps may have slow moments for those with a coding background, but can offer things for experienced and new coders alike!

  • Our Software Engineering camps cover everything code and computer engineering.
  • Our Robotics camps cover everything about in robotics, including the mechanical, electrical, and coding components. There will certainly be coding in this camp, but it isn’t the focus.

If you’ve chosen our online programs, you then need to choose a coding language, either Python or Javascript. Both camps will give you an understanding of basic coding principles that can then be applied to other languages.

  • Python is an ideal language for beginners and is commonly used for simple games and data analysis.
  • Javascript is good for beginners and is commonly used for mobile development and applications.

Once you’ve chosen a coding language, you then need to choose the camp that is the correct level for you.

  • Our level 1 camps are designed for coding beginners. They will go over coding basics in the applicable language.
  • Our level 2 camps are designed for people with an intermediate knowledge of coding. If you are familiar with variables, if statements, loops, and functions, you may have enough knowledge to jump straight into our level 2 camps. These topics aren’t everything covered in level 1, but they are the basics generally required to succeed in our level 2 camps.
  • If you are completely unfamiliar with the language, or want a refresher to make sure you have all the background, it may still be worthwhile to start with level 1.


Please read the information below regarding our policies in place for camps this year.

Camps Cancellation Policy 2022

Date of cancellation Cancellation Fee
Before 8:00am on the Monday a week before camp begins $25*
After 8:00am on the Monday a week before camp begins 50% camp price
After 4:00pm on the Friday before camp begins 100% camp price

*For our overnight camps a registration fee of $100 is applied if canceled more than a week before the camp begins

Our Kelowna camps have a $40 transfer fee

Camp Hours: 9:00am - 3:00 pm

Grade Level: register for the grade level your camper will be entering in the fall of 2022.

Overnight option: Find detailed information about our ASAP Overnight camps here!

Recess & Lunch: campers will get outside for a 30 minute recess and hour long lunch each day. Parents can select "Lunch Release" in registration to allow their campers to leave the camp group during the lunch period to purchase food.

Activities: in our camps we will have a variety of activities including engineering building challenges, coding projects, experiments, creative design projects and more.

Lunch Program (UBC Vancouver only): Campers receive a main course, side, and drink for their lunch each day. The lunch program costs are only for Mondays to Thursdays as all campers at UBC Vancouver Location receive a pizza lunch on Friday.

Each location's camp schedule can be found on our location pages and linked below. Click here to view all locations.

Please note: proof of vaccination is no longer required for any Geering Up overnight programs.

At this time, Geering Up will not be releasing our Summer 2022 COVID-19 Camps policies, as the provincial health guidelines change so frequently. Rest assured, Geering Up will take all necessary measures to protect our campers, staff, and volunteers. Geering Up is required to follow UBC's COVID-19 guidelines in addition to the BCCDC. As such, we are not able to confirm our Summer 2022 policies at this time.

As of January 2022, current Geering Up policies include measures such as masks for all campers K-12, regular sanitization of high touch surfaces and shared equipment, and outdoor sign-in and sign-out. Policies are subject to change as the provincial guidelines progress. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to

All registered parents will receive notification of our COVID-19 policies in advance of summer camps.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these uncertain times!


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