In-Person Elementary Summer Camps



Our priority is to create safe spaces for kids to explore STEM. Recognizing the demand for childcare and the need for continuity of learning, we are offering a limited number of seats for in-person programs for Elementary students. This decision has been made after careful consideration of the Ministry of Health Guidelines and consultation with UBC leadership. We would like to emphasize that capacity will be extremely limited for in-person programs. We are setting a low capacity to ensure we align with health and safety standards.

  • Weekly Programming from JULY 5 to AUG 27, 2021
  • 9AM – 3PM
  • UBC Vancouver (Point Grey Campus)

What are In-Person Elementary Summer Camps?

Geering Up camps are all about making Science, Technology and Engineering hands on and exciting. Each day is a dynamic mix of hands on activities, demonstrations and design challenges. This year, we’ll be offering seven camp weeks. Camps are six-hours long a day and run for four or five days. For additional information on the health and safety regulations we are putting in place, please see below.

Grade Levels: Grades 1-7 (varies by Camp Theme)

Program Pricing: $316-410 (varies by Camp Theme and program duration)
We believe that every person should be able to participate in our programs, and so we are working hard to bring you summer courses through these challenging times. As such, please see the information regarding our camp bursaries.

Registration Deadlines: Registration for each camp will close at 11:59PM on the Sunday the week before camps begin. (i.e., if the camp begins Monday, July 19th, registration for it will close on Sunday, July 11th)



Please note that each camp will feature the same curriculum each week. As such, we do not advise taking the same camp more than once throughout the summer.

STEM, STEAM, and Maker Camps

STEM Exploration Camps

This one is for our Junior Scientists! STEM Explorations is all about exploring the fun, thought-provoking, and interdisciplinary nature of STEM. Your Junior Scientist will become immersed into the scientific method and engineering design. Whether it’s planning solutions to engineering problems, or experimenting with mind-boggling science phenomena, our STEM explorations camp aims to engage our participants through hands-on, relevant, and diverse activities.

Join this camp if… you have a passion for learning and exploring and want to investigate the interconnectedness of the fields of STEM.

GRADE LEVELS: Grades 1-2, 3-4
PRICING: $316 for 4-day programs / $395 for 5-day programs


Lab Coooooooats ON! Or maybe just a sweater – whatever gets you EXCITED for STEAM! STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics – and we’re full STEAM ahead! Rooted in the union of artistic expression and STEM design processes, we aim to foster a co-enriched environment where participants can explore their STEM passions alongside artistic pursuits. Join us for a week filled with design inquiry and fun hands on projects!

Join this camp if… you want to unleash your creative side through original engineering projects and are ready to combine the worlds of art and science!

GRADE LEVELS: Grades 1-2, 5-7
PRICING: $316 for 4-day programs / $395 for 5-day programs

Maker Camps

Grab your hard hats, Maker is for our Junior Imagineers! Maker camps are dedicated to the makers, builders, and explorers in your family who might want to change the world – one block at a time! Our Maker camp encourages all those who love to tinker, question, and create to come together in a week filled with hands-on activities designed to inspire participants to build and think critically.

Join this camp if… you love to build, play, make, explore – or even destroy – to let your creativity run wild to learn more about the world!

GRADE LEVELS: Grades 3-4
PRICING: $316 for 4-day programs / $395 for 5-day programs

Coding Camps

As part of our Codemakers initiative, Geering Up provides camps focused on Computer Science to spark an interest in coding and technology in children from Grades 2-7. For more information on our Codemakers initiative, click here!

Codemakers: Creative Coders

This one is for our Tiny Coders! Get excited about the functioning of apps, or using virtual programs that help make our world better! This is our software-focused camp, where we explore the world of coding and computing technologies. If you’re excited about discovering how to code, then you’ll want to join fellow coders for a week of drag and drop coding projects! All skill levels welcome.

Join this camp if… you want to learn or enhance your coding skills and be able to create all sorts of fascinating scripts and projects.

GRADE LEVELS: Grades 5-7
PRICING: $328 for 4-day programs / $410 for 5-day programs


Please read the information below regarding our policies in place for camps this year.

Due to the continuously changing nature of COVID-19, and because health and safety are a paramount concern for us at Geering Up, we will alter our policies regularly to match with current government regulations. If changes are made to our safety policies, we will send these updates to all registered participants 2 weeks prior to the start of your camp.


  • All camps will have reduced capacities. Each camper will be assigned a desk, 2m from their peers.
  • Each group will be isolated from other camp groups for the entire week (including during recess/lunch times)
  • Whenever possible, physical distancing will practiced (including during recess/lunch times)
  • Our curriculum will shift from group activities to individual activities
  • Sign in/out as well as daily pickup/dropoff will occur outdoors
  • Unfortunately, there won’t be tours or guest speakers attending our camps this summer
  • Materials and shared surfaces will be sanitized regularly, according to BC guidelines.
  • Participants will be required to wash their hands frequently (between activities and at the beginning and end of the day).
  • Following regulations of Vancouver School Board and the BCCDC, staff, volunteers, and campers in grades 5/6/7 camps must wear non-medical masks indoors. Campers in grades 1-4 camps are still encouraged to as well.
  • Geering Up camps will run 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. We will incorporate a 30 minute recess break and a 60 minute lunch.
  • No before-care/after-care. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer Before Care, After Care or a meal program this summer.
  • Different support strategies. We may not be able to provide the same level of 1:1 support as we have in past year. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding exceptionalities and whether our staff can providing care for your camper while maintain safety protocols. We would love to hear from you what strategy may work for your child. Similarly, we will not be able to provide 1:1 support for participants who are less comfortable with English instruction. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding participants with English as a second language and we can discuss arrangements further.

If you would like more information on our COVID-19 plans for in-person programs, view our Stage 3 Parent Version Summer 2021 In Person Camps Policy Please note that as provincial  guidelines change, our policies may update to reflect these changes. Thank you for your patience.
For details on our COVID-19 response, please refer to our updates here.


For in-person camps, we offer the following cancellation policy:

  • $25.00 fee for cancellations made one or more weeks prior to the start of your camp
  • 50% of camp registration fee for cancellations made less than 1 week prior to the start of your camp
  • No refund can be given after 4:00 PM on the Friday preceding your camp

We want to be as flexible as possible while also keeping programming costs down. When a customer cancels, we lose money in non-refundable credit card and registration fees. We never charge a fee for transferring off the waitlist. We hope this makes it as easy as possible to change your plans

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our in-person cancellation.

In the event that our in-person programs are cancelled, we will be happy to transfer you to an equivalent online program free of charge or provide you a full refund.

Bursary applications are currently open! For more information on how to apply for bursaries, please review the following pages:
Online Camps Bursaries 2021
In-Person Camps Bursaries 2021


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